Start a Fundraiser!!


A fundraiser with Follow the Bling is the perfect way to raise funds for your organization!! Whether you're part of a school club, sports team, cheer squad, church, band, or family reunion, a Follow the Bling Fundraiser is an easy way to fund your next event or activity. A Follow the Bling Fundraiser also works great for raising funds for women's shelters, non-profits, medical or accident victims, or any other worthy cause.


It's easy!! Simply follow the steps below:

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to run an amazing fundraiser with Follow the Bling:

  1. Contact me to enroll your organization

    Email or Facebook message me to enroll your organization in a fundraiser with Follow the Bling. Send me your name, organization, and purpose for the fundraiser. I will reach out to you upon receipt of your email or message to confirm the details.

  2. Receive your unique fundraiser code

    Once your enrollment info is received, I will send you a unique code to use at NOTE: This website link will take you to my replicated website with Paparazzi Accessories where items will ship directly from the Paparazzi warehouse.

  3. Share your fundraiser code!!

    Share your unique Paparazzi Accessories Fundraiser code and the link to with your friends, family, and others. Anytime someone shops at and checks out using your special code, you will receive 30% of that sale. For example, if someone spends $10 on our site (before shipping and taxes), you will receive $3!! That is an amazing rate compared to most sales-based fundraisers. And your friends and family will love the amazing $5 bling deals! IMPORTANT: those participating in the fundraiser must use the special code at checkout in order for their sales to count; it is the only way to track and credit you for their purchases.

  4. Get PAID!!

    At the conclusion of your fundraiser with Follow the Bling, I will send you a report of your sales along with your payment. Funds can be dispersed via check or Zelle.

That's it! Super easy and very effective. Your fundraiser participants will love how easy it is to message, email and socially share their unique code and the Follow the Bling replicated website to raise funds. And you will love how much money you can raise for your worthy cause!

If you have any questions, please contact me via Email or Facebook message!!

PLEASE NOTE: This fundraising donation is on behalf of Follow the Bling (Rina T. Daniels) and is a donation of her profits from these sales. This fundraising donation is in no way affiliated with Paparazzi Accessories.

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